2013 Convict 100

Sunday, May 5, 2013





Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Position Time
Wayne 28 Masters Men 6 4:25:06
Gazza 44 Masters Men 11 4:32:33
David 46 Masters Men 12 4:33:31
Michael 47 Veteran Men 9 4:33:35
Brian 48 Veteran Men 10 4:33:36
Graham 49 Veteran Men 20 1:58:05
Paul 64 Super Master Men 5 4:40:55

2013 The Convict 100 (Wayne)

Mentally Challenged !

Unlike all the races leading up to the Convict, I was feeling mentally and physically drained from the last 5 mths of training and racing. So I knew this weekend was going to be hard, but given it is my 'local' event and the last event of this years first half of racing I knew it had to be done. On top of this, our training group had a couple of recent hit outs around the course and even though mentally I wasn't quite there I was still riding physically strong.

2013 The Convict 100 (Brian)

What an awesome race.

For those that don’t know, I raced the Australian Marathon Championships 2 weeks ago in Atherton. I had a week up there prior to just dedicate to riding and relaxing, the race was unbelievably hard taking over 7 hours to finish so I knew I had a pretty good prep coming into this race.

One week prior I did a 95km mtb ride averaging 20km/h which felt good so I just needed to avoid getting sick in the week leading up and I should be good.