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2015 Capital Punishment (Brian)

This being my second MTB Marathon since March 2014 I really had no idea how I would go.

I have been riding a bit so I knew I was going into this with some fitness. I’ve also been paying attention to what I eat and have managed to drop a couple of kilograms which is always nice.

After heading down Friday afternoon with Michael, checking in, picking up a race number we headed out for dinner with Dave and Gary. Besides the restaurant forgetting about our meals everything was going like clockwork.

2014 Absa Cape Epic Crash Pics

I'm back in Australia now and recovering well. I had the dressing changed today and I got a good look of the damage that was done on the Stage 4 crash

I've also got my hands on the X-Rays taken and just how far the rock got embedded. They had to get an Orthopaedic Surgeon to remove it as they classed it having bone involvement and you'll see what they mean by that ;-)

Cape Epic Prologue

Day 1
13th in Category
102nd Overall

What a day ! These guys certainly know how to put on a race / carnival / celebration.

Today was huge for us. Starting with packing up our accommodation in Cape Town, and moving bikes, wife, three kids and ourselves to a mobile home for the next week.

2013 Scott 25hr

With quite a selection of events on the calendar it was May when the emails started about putting some teams together for the Scott 25hr. It didn’t take long to pencil in some names and the first thing unanimously decided was to go the full luxury marquee. Having a marquee with, power, lights, gas heating, table and chairs meant it was basically a turn and race.

SXC Racing has had a bit of success lately but the Scott25 was going to be the first race with the team in SXC kit. Thankfully it arrived 2 days before we were heading down to Canberra so we were all set.

2013 Kowalski Classic Full Marathon (Brian)

My last full marathon was The Convict 100 in May and after a bit of a break I decided I needed a bit more of a structured training program. I approached Anthony and Kyle from Pepper Coaching and come July, Kyle was set to coach me and the Pepper program had started. Without going into the detail the commitment means now the alarm is set for 4:30am most weekday mornings.

A few training phases later the Kowalski Classic was set to be my first full marathon where my training wasn’t hindered by sickness etc.

2013 3 Ring Circus (Brian)

I actually didn’t know what to expect for this race because July is when I started to get back into training after a break from my last race being The Convict 100 in early May. I think the last time I raced a 50km marathon was the last time I did the 3 Ring Circus. This was in 2010 and my time was 3:01:36 so I thought that was a fair enough goal time to beat ;-)

2013 The Convict 100 (Brian)

What an awesome race.

For those that don’t know, I raced the Australian Marathon Championships 2 weeks ago in Atherton. I had a week up there prior to just dedicate to riding and relaxing, the race was unbelievably hard taking over 7 hours to finish so I knew I had a pretty good prep coming into this race.

One week prior I did a 95km mtb ride averaging 20km/h which felt good so I just needed to avoid getting sick in the week leading up and I should be good.

2013 Australian Marathon Championships (Brian)

I'll start with wow, what a hard race. Below also includes the week before as we had a few descent rides up there in the week leading to the race.

Originally I wasn't gong to do this and just focus on the XCM series. As the XCM series announcement kept getting delayed I decided I would have a crack at this. I was already signed up for the Wombat but once they announced there was no series Wayne and I decided to pull out of the Wombat and head up a week early.

As the date came closer I was excited about the whole trip, a weeks riding and then the race.