David O'Connell
Races in: Masters Men

I used to ride reasonably regularly on the road for fitness but other things took priority and after a 10 year break I got myself a mountain bike in 2005. Some friends had been telling me of their mountain biking adventures and I wanted to give it a try. Those early rides were hard work doing an afternoon outing on the local fire trails or a couple of laps of manly dam. I earned my fair share of scrapes and bruises and was usually exhausted afterwards but loved it.

I also dreamed of tackling a marathon race but I was no where near fit enough to ride my respectable hardtail for more than twice the distance of a typical weekend outing ! So I hatched a plan, which included riding a few times a week and got myself a dual suspension bike in preparation for the Dirtworks 100 in 2010. The rocky sections and the distance surely tested me, but I loved the race and from then on there was no looking back.

Riding and racing regularly is now a very rewarding part of my routine, and I have learnt so much since that first race. It has been a wonderful experience sharing the social rides, training rides and the racing with the team and all the other great folks that I have met out on the trails and at various events. For 2013 and beyond I hope to compete in a broader range of events and with the inspiration of the team look forward to continued improvement and exciting races together.