Gary Harwood
Races in: Masters Men

I remember when I was 7yrs old, I didn't have a bike and over the course of a weekend I swapped every toy I had in exchange for rides up and down the street on my neighbours bike. After realizing that I’d given all my worldly possessions away for time on this two wheeled wonder my Mum scraped the cash together for my first bike that Christmas. That was me, I was hooked!

Later on I rode BMX and road before discovering mountain bikes in 1989. I competed in cross country for years in the horrible mud of Great Britain then got the downhill bug for a few years before I moved to Australia in 1998 after dreaming of cycling in warmer climates.

After many dark years of partying and really not looking after myself I moved to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, quit a pack a day smoking habit and got back into cycling. First MTB, then road and now cyclocross. I mix it all up and love every discipline depending on the season.

After six years of being back on the bike I’m well and truly hooked again and find training a great thing for the mind as well as the body and rarely find it a chore. I'm in a phase at the moment where I race as much as possible (3 times a month). This also drives me to get up on a cold dark winters morning to get out and ride. If you can call Sydney winters cold compared to Yorkshire?