2015 Capital Punishment

Saturday, March 7, 2015





Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Position Time
Graham 16 Veteran Men 4 1:59:18
Brian 32 Masters Men 6 3:54:58
Gary 148 Masters Men 47 4:33:50

2015 Capital Punishment (Graham)

After a less than ideal January and February and being well behind the 8 ball when It comes to training for a 100k, I made the call to drop back to the 50km events for this year. I have always wanted to do cap p but this was the first year I have actually done it. I didn't really know what to expect going in but assumed there would be a fair bit of climbing (bad assumption).

We made the most of the trip to Canberra and took the family down for the weekend, picking up some accommodation 8km from the start to give me easy access and a warm up.

2015 Capital Punishment (Brian)

This being my second MTB Marathon since March 2014 I really had no idea how I would go.

I have been riding a bit so I knew I was going into this with some fitness. I’ve also been paying attention to what I eat and have managed to drop a couple of kilograms which is always nice.

After heading down Friday afternoon with Michael, checking in, picking up a race number we headed out for dinner with Dave and Gary. Besides the restaurant forgetting about our meals everything was going like clockwork.

2015 Capital Punishment (Gary)

This was my 3rd race in as many weeks with the Wylde 4hr and Husky 100km having been completed the the previous weeks. This meant I was either going to be on form or knackered.

On Friday afternoon I headed down to Canberra with Dave (doc), got to registration just after 4 then headed out to stromlo for a quick lap in the hope of spotting the shortcuts to use the next day. After that it was off to dinner to meet Michael and Brian and a long wait!