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2015 Highland Fling (Graham)

Well today was the final round of the Maverick Series and my last race for the year. Having already wrapped up the Maverick Series in the vets age group at the Epic, the aim for today was to try and get the overall series win. The only rider that could beat me was not on the entry list but I was suspicious of a late entry so just assumed he was there. I was leading the overall series but the series was based on 'best of 3' and I had already done 3 races where he had only done 2.

2015 Flight Centre Epic (Graham)

The aim for today was to secure a maverick series win with one round still to go (they take best of three)

Leading up I have had quite a few months break since my last race and relocated to Brisbane in the process so hadn't had a lot of time on the bike. I had only got back into training for around 5 weeks but even then only 2-3 hours a week so wasn't expecting miracles today.

2015 Capital Punishment (Graham)

After a less than ideal January and February and being well behind the 8 ball when It comes to training for a 100k, I made the call to drop back to the 50km events for this year. I have always wanted to do cap p but this was the first year I have actually done it. I didn't really know what to expect going in but assumed there would be a fair bit of climbing (bad assumption).

We made the most of the trip to Canberra and took the family down for the weekend, picking up some accommodation 8km from the start to give me easy access and a warm up.

2014 Singletrack Mind Series - Round 5

Having unfortunately missed 2 of the 5 rounds and sitting 3rd on series points I knew today was make or break to stay on the podium. My number 1 focus was not to go too hard in the first two hours (like I usually do) and make sure I had plenty left at the end. This started out well as David lead a small group of us up the climb on the first lap at a seemingly friendly pace. Tempted to steam ahead I forced myself to stick to the plan and saved the legs, not punching up any climbs and thinking all the time "4 hour pace not 4 lap pace!"