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2015 Capital Punishment (Gary)

This was my 3rd race in as many weeks with the Wylde 4hr and Husky 100km having been completed the the previous weeks. This meant I was either going to be on form or knackered.

On Friday afternoon I headed down to Canberra with Dave (doc), got to registration just after 4 then headed out to stromlo for a quick lap in the hope of spotting the shortcuts to use the next day. After that it was off to dinner to meet Michael and Brian and a long wait!

2014 STM Round 4 - Nowra (Team)

Round 4 of the Chocolate Foot STM series and it was time to head to the flat lands surrounding Nowra. All week we had been watching the weather and wondering whether it would really be on. The drive down on Saturday didn't fill us with confidence either but approaching Nowra the roads had dried and we felt a bit more optimistic

2014 3 Ring Circus (Gary)

An early start on Sunday with Dave (Doc) to get a quick look at the new ST, we got there around 8 and so it seemed did a lot of other people. After a quick chat with the other SXC boys (Graham and Wayne) Dave and I headed out for a quick look, 10km later we were back at the Event Center and ready to go.

2013 Highland Fling (Gary)

In the lead up to this event I had seriously stepped up my training in the last couple of months and in the month prior I was on the MTB every weekend. The aim was to finish in 5hr30 which would have been a 20min improvement on last year.

The end result was finishing 10mins slower but with a higher overall and category placing, it was indeed a tough day.

2013 3 Ring Circus (Gary)

The 3 Ring was my first mtb race back in 2011 when i scraped in under 3hrs after a leisurely blue lap. With that in mind I was determined to be closer to the front this time and straight away that disappeared. (Clearly another one who's too polite to push in).