2015 Capital Punishment (Graham)

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Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Pos. Time
Graham 16 Veteran Men 4 1:59:18
Brian 32 Masters Men 6 3:54:58
Gary 148 Masters Men 47 4:33:50

After a less than ideal January and February and being well behind the 8 ball when It comes to training for a 100k, I made the call to drop back to the 50km events for this year. I have always wanted to do cap p but this was the first year I have actually done it. I didn't really know what to expect going in but assumed there would be a fair bit of climbing (bad assumption).

We made the most of the trip to Canberra and took the family down for the weekend, picking up some accommodation 8km from the start to give me easy access and a warm up.

I started in wave 1 and started well up the bitumen climb. I was on the back of the lead group and they were pushing hard up the hill and my heart rate was into the 190s. With my thinking expecting a lot of climbing in this race, I dialled it back a notch instead of going for broke, keeping the heart rate in the 180s and falling back of the group.

I sat comfortably on the front of a small chase group for a while before missing a sign and having to double back (luckily only 200metres but it did cost me) I caught back up to the group and starting heading up the stromlo climb. Near the top I jumped in front then realised the climb was finished! It was at this point I realised there was not as much climbing in this race as I expected so I put the hammer down till the end. Picking up a few places including one in a sprint at the end that I had been chasing down for a couple of kms.

I managed to finish just under 2 hours, beating my wife and kids to the finish line by 2 minutes as I had told them I would be at least 2 hours! I was 16th overall and 4th in age category but unfortunately still had heaps left in the tank. I was around 24seconds off 3rd place and clearly Should have started my run earlier! At least I will know for next time. Oh hang on, that was the last capital punishment ever. Oh well.

All in all I really enjoyed this ride and loved the stromlo parts and especially loved taking the kids to questacon afterwards!! Thanks Canberra! I will be seeing more of you i think...