First 100km Enduro (Brian)

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Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Pos. Time
Steve 29 Super Master Men 4 4:40:40
Gazza 65 Masters Men 13 4:59:05
Paul 188 Masters Men 53 2:36:23
Brian 222 Veteran Men 97 7:32:52
Michael 254 Veteran Men 99 5:49:37
David 367 Masters Men 108 6:14:40

I can now happily say I've done a 100km enduro event 8-)

Well done to everyone that finished. I'm still blown away by some of the times posted, you guys are machines.

Prior to this I have never ridden more then 70km on my mountain bike so this was going to be a challenge. Preparation wasn't the best as I got the flu big time so I hadn't done any exercise since my last ride on the 18th April. I also replaced my shifters, rear derailleur and cable last Wednesday (parts were delayed due to some volcano overseas) without doing a shakedown ride so everything was going to plan ;-). My final bit of last minute prep out shopping Saturday morning for plates and cutlery so for dinner Saturday night.

The Race
Come race day and I was surprised at actually how warm it was in the morning. I packed thinking it was going to be freezing overnight but quite the opposite. I couldn't sleep the night before and ended up only having about 2 hours sleep but then again, who can. I also woke up with a sore and swollen hand so I don't know what's going on there. Race started and my main thing was to drink as I never drink enough. Go to the first stop and was feeling great. Filled up with water (about 1.5 litres), had a couple of glasses of coke, had a banana and was off.
Got to the 50km stop and was still feeling great. My downfall here was the food tasted so good I ate way too much. I had 1 nutella sandwich, 2 pieces of banana bread, heaps of water melon and heaps of salt & vinegar chips. Filled up my water and was off. I left with Craig but it wasn't long and he was off. This is were I started not feeling the best and the food felt like it was on the way up. Also, I don't know if it was just me but the water at the 50km stop had a funny taste. This combine with eating too much meant I stopped drinking. I had a bit of a rest when pikey came a long so I decided to push on. We rode the rest of GNR and Shepard's Gulley together and made our way to the canoe bridge.

The canoe bridge crossing was so funny. There were so many attempts that ended up in face planting the canoes. Anyway, pikey obviously didn't want to think too much more about it and he was off and rode it without coming off. I thought WTF and started. Man this was hard as I was feeling pretty shattered by now. Probably got 1/2 of the way and was shaky as when I tried to steady myself with my rear brake. This was a mistake as I skidded, unclipped and when I put my foot down just managed I get the platform and was saved. A fraction more and I was in the drink. I got going again and kept well away from the brake and made it. Awesome.

Pikey Riding the Bridge & then Me :-)

Cross the paddock with pikey but when just going up the small grass hill to the road I got cramps big time. Pikey head off as I needed some time. I ended up just walking along the rode a bit until and then just carefully rode to the start of the Woomerah Range. Here it was pretty much walk the hills and took it easy on the flats. I met up with heckler and did about the last 25kms together which was good.

I also had 5 salt tablets and 6 Panadeine over the 100kms

I came in with an elapsed time of 07:32:53 which I'm stoked with as leading up to it I was in doubt of even starting.

Edit: Seeing the average time for Veterans was 06:16:24 I have a bit of work to do and something to aim for next year ;-)

Post Race
Straight after the race I had a beef kebab and a can of coke. My whole body was in pain and my face was even cramping trying to eat. Hung around for presentations (considering they started about 10 minutes after I got in). Went back to where we stayed, had a shower and headed home. Got home at 7:30pm, had a supreme pan pizza and went to bed. This morning I am still shattered and quite sore. My left hand is still sore as. I'm going to rest up for a while and I'm so glad now I didn't sign up for Capital Punishment.

Even after eating pizza a beef kebab and breakfast this morning I'm sill 1.4kgs lighter.

Below is my profile. I must have had the cover too tight and the timer stopped for about 15 minutes.