2014 Singletrack Mind Series - Round 5

Sunday, October 19, 2014





Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Position Time
Graham 3 Veteran Men 1 4:16:54
David, Gary, Matt 12 Masters Men 3 1 7:01:11
Wayne 21 Masters Men 7 3:23:09

2014 Singletrack Mind Series - Round 5

Having unfortunately missed 2 of the 5 rounds and sitting 3rd on series points I knew today was make or break to stay on the podium. My number 1 focus was not to go too hard in the first two hours (like I usually do) and make sure I had plenty left at the end. This started out well as David lead a small group of us up the climb on the first lap at a seemingly friendly pace. Tempted to steam ahead I forced myself to stick to the plan and saved the legs, not punching up any climbs and thinking all the time "4 hour pace not 4 lap pace!"