2013 Australian Marathon Championships

Sunday, April 21, 2013





Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Position Time
Wayne 20 Masters Men 1 6:40:40
Brian 35 Veteran Men 4 7:23:49

2013 XCM National Champs (Wayne)

Well this journey starts way back in December last year. After some disciplined training and racing in 2012 I wanted to take this a step further. To do this I had a chat to Ant Shippard, outlined what I wanted to achieve, and asked if he was willing to help me get there. My goals were quite ambitious, but Ant agreed to help and said that he would do what he could to put me into a position to achieve these goals, but all the hard work depended on me.

For those interested, these goals were:

2013 Australian Marathon Championships (Brian)

I'll start with wow, what a hard race. Below also includes the week before as we had a few descent rides up there in the week leading to the race.

Originally I wasn't gong to do this and just focus on the XCM series. As the XCM series announcement kept getting delayed I decided I would have a crack at this. I was already signed up for the Wombat but once they announced there was no series Wayne and I decided to pull out of the Wombat and head up a week early.

As the date came closer I was excited about the whole trip, a weeks riding and then the race.