2012 Capital Punishment (Brian)

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Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Pos. Time
Wayne 52 Masters Men 6 4:10:24
David 114 Masters Men 25 4:24:46
Brian 163 Veteran Men 55 4:37:10

This was my first Capital Punishment. It looks like I picked the perfect year for weather and track conditions as both were brilliant. Its a bit of a weird race with such a big untimed section. I used this to get water and have a bit of a rest. Due to the single track at the start a really suffered in the last 40km as I didn't eat enough in the beginning.

Apart from a massive OTB on the Luge I quite enjoyed this one. A shame that the results are delayed but I have my unofficial time of around 04:37:00 taking out the untimed section.

Now onto the Convict 100 assuming my body heals in time as my hand can't handle any pressure right now :-(