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Cape Epic Stage 3

134 km
2089m climbing

SXC Racing finishing time 6:15:29

This was another massive stage. Really a transit stage which took us from our current home in Robertson to Greyton. Some fast dirt roads had us averaging around 33 kmh for 25km, before the climbing really started.

Cape Epic Stage 2

101km 1600m climbing

SXC Racing finishing time 5:53:13

What was supposed to be a more gentler stage (well in Epic standards) was changed to one of the most difficult epic stages with over 50mm of rain over night, and constant rain throughout most of the morning.

Farm roads on the flat plains were turned into mud baths filled with thick clay mud. Think the first Capital Punishment with more climbing. River crossing were deep, and it turned into a day of survival.

Bikes awaiting the care of a mechanic

Cape Epic Stage 1

112km 2688m Climbing

SXC Racing finishing time 5:59:29

What have we done? What have we signed up for? Today we would jointly agree that this is the hardest marathon race we have done - and it is only day 1!

Specialized Sworks Epic World Cup – First Ride Impressions

After picking up my new 2014 Sworks Epic World Cup just before Christmas, I’ve had the opportunity over the holiday break to give it a good work out, and thought this an opportune time to share some of my first ride impressions.

In a word, this bike is truly ‘Epic’. For me it ‘is’ the do anything bike.

Over the last week I’ve ridden around 500km, with a mix of technical and fast single track, fast fire roads, steep climbs, long rocky descents and the bike has performed impeccably.