2015 Flight Centre Epic (Graham)

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Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Pos. Time
Graham 10 Veteran Men 4 2:31:49
Wayne 37 Masters Men 8 4:59:48

The aim for today was to secure a maverick series win with one round still to go (they take best of three)

Leading up I have had quite a few months break since my last race and relocated to Brisbane in the process so hadn't had a lot of time on the bike. I had only got back into training for around 5 weeks but even then only 2-3 hours a week so wasn't expecting miracles today.

When race day came, we dragged the kids out of bed at 5am and inserted them into the car seats to much protesting and headed off to the event. I was feeling pretty good and despite the low training felt I had made the most of my prep.

I had a good start in a lead group of 10 and was feeling pretty comfortable. I was cautious on the climbs not to over do it as I knew I hadn't done much climbing lately so held back a touch and let some riders go ahead rather than smash the quads. This paid off as I was able to catch them shortly after the top of the climbs on most climbs without too much effort.

I made sure I got into a good train for the road section and again held back a touch on the larger climb of the day that followed to save the quads.

I almost came unstuck on the rocky descent as I let the bike get away from me a little and was very close to going off the edge but somehow managed to flick the bike off a mound of dirt under a tree to get it back on the track to a large internal sign of relief.

I finished well in the single track sections to arrive in 2 hrs 31 and finish 4th in vets. In the end a better result than expected so very happy. Now looking forward to rounding off the series with the Highland Fling but aiming to get some more climbing in between now and then!