2012 3 Ring Circus (Wayne)

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Our results at this event
Rider Overall Category Pos. Time
Wayne 29 Masters Men 3 2:21:54
Steve 53 Super Master Men 2 2:29:54
Paul 73 Super Master Men 5 2:38:53

After some arm twisting by Sloany, I picked up my entry for the Circus. I love the Wingello trails, but have yet to do this event - something about the cold Southern Highlands in the middle of winter.

Anyway I find myself of the start line, with probably the biggest Jet Racing contingent we have seen to date, the front row dominated by the red Jet uniform. The difference with this race, was that the vibe was alot more relaxed, everyone looking for a good day out, on some of the best trails in the State. Hugh's pre event startline banter also adds to the relaxed nature.

The race starts with the 6km blue loop, and my aim was to stay with the first group for the loop. Next to me was Stu Adams, who was the key rider to mark for the master category for the day. I managed to hold on with the main group for the entire blue loop, which put me in good position for the rest of the race. We then hit the Red loop, and the first major climb seperated the group, and I found myself in no mans land. I picked up a few places 'walking' the wall and made sure I hit the single track with a bit of space. The single track was awesome - better even then usual with the local trail crews 'buffing' the trails for the race. With plenty of grip and some knowledge of the trails, I found myself picking up a few more places.

As the race progressed I was found myself in a group with 4 or 5 riders, I would lead the single track, and they would work the firetrails. This suited me, and we kept this rythym for the rest of the red loop.

The yellow loop commenced, and I maintained position until the major climb of the loop. Our group then began to split with the 3 of us getting a bit more of a break as we pushed over the top of halfway hill. I was really getting into my zone now and the pace picked up for the remainder of the race. We dropped another rider on the last of the fireroad climbs, and put the foot down until the finish. We could see riders 500m up the road but just couldn't bridge the gap.

I crossed the line 29th overall and 3rd in Masters (2h 21m).

Jet dominated the presentation ceremony, with results in almost every male category - Awesome result team.

Congrats to Steve01, and PS with some great results in Super Masters as well.

Thanks to Wild Horizions, and Jet Cycles for a great day out.

I think I will be adding this race to the calendar again next year !