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2013 Highland Fling (Gazza)

After feeling crap due to a virus at last years Fling i was determined to beat my place and time of 11th in Masters and 5hrs 10mins.
I knew i had a sub 5 in me somewhere. I just had to dig deep and find it.
Although I'd consider myself the fittest I've ever been ( having done 34 races to date this year) I knew i didn't have the distance in my legs as most of my training and racing have been sub 2hrs. Which in turn has brought my top end through the roof but has done very little for my endurance.

2013 3 Ring Circus (Gazza)

I'll start with a brief story of what happened in the previous nights 20km race.

During a cold night race with a blistering pace, I'd managed to get in the second group with Dicko,another Mate from Manly, Myself and another Rider. We all stuck together for the whole 20km loop, just near the end the bloke that had been sucking our wheels for the whole time made a sprint for the lead