David's blog

2015 Kowalski Classic (David)

Super race at the Kowalski Classic yesterday. A huge mental effort to take on so much single trail and pretty happy to finish 2nd in Grand Masters.

I was really looking forward to this event after having possibly my best ride to date at the race last year only to have a ripped sidewall near the finish and also to follow up from victory at the Convict last month. Lead up was good but also a little unsettled after a bump on my dodgy arm during the week.

2014 Highland Fling (David)

Well that is the Fling for another year, and as is the usual theme it is a massive day. Being the last marathon race of the season the lead up seems much bigger than for other events. Training had been excellent and after putting in a close to best ever ride at the Kowalksi Classic I was looking forward to a strong performance and to achieve some new highs.

2014 STM Round 3 - Awaba (Team)

It was time to head for Awaba for the 3rd Round of the Single Track Mind series and the SXC Team was looking forward to some more exciting racing with the Chocolate Foot crew. The Awaba track is a great mix of forest traverses, bridges, swooping turns, fast rocky features, switchbacks both up and down, and for this weekend the direct route up camelback climb.

2013 Highland Fling (Dave)

Well I have been counting down to the Fling for what seems an eternity and was very pleased with preparation. Inspiration was not only coming from the impressive riding from the other SXC lads, but also wanted to erase the memory of not finishing well last year.

A cool day for the race was good in my book, taking dehydration out of the picture. But standing in the cold drizzle at the start chute, we cringed a little thinking ahead of the 100 milers heading out for their second loop of Wingello and wished for ourselves that rain would hold off till after the finish.

2013 3 Ring Circus (David)

This was my first attempt in the 3 Ring Circus and was not sure what to expect. Previous years I had been soft with the prospect of mid winter conditions and having my mindset biased towards the full marathon events. But 2013 was time to have a crack and set a target time of 2:20. There was plenty of fast competition so the plan was to try and hold on to the early pace and not to blow up in the process.